Tax Accounting & Compliance

Staying ahead of the curve with taxes continues to challenge businesses. In spite of recent changes in tax laws, they remain complex. Complex tax laws demand highly knowledgeable professionals. Bederson’s tax accounting professionals have the knowledge, the skill, and the years of experience to keep your business tax compliant—and to give your business every possible advantage with advance tax planning strategies.

Bederson’s tax accountants have the highest degree of tax credentials, making them uniquely equipped to handle your tax planning and tax compliance needs,. These skilled professionals hold designations including Masters in Taxation (MST) and Master of Laws (LLM).

Tax planning should take place all year round—not just before tax deadlines. When you engage the Bederson tax accounting team, your business gets the attention it needs to assure you of a strategy that will yield the best possible outcome—minimizing your tax obligation with every allowable deduction and an eye to the future of your business.

Bederson will assess and prepare your business tax issues for every level of government—local, State and Federal, assuring that you remain compliant. Our comprehensive approach encompasses tax planning, timely preparation of returns, fillings for sales and use tax, payroll and employment taxes. Bederson’s tax professionals will review your operational expenses, including inventory and equipment, as well as your facility, to determine any and all allowances for R&D credits, depreciation and amortization, as well. We will research any and all tax questions and are prepared to consult on any tax matters you may encounter. Most important, you can count on Bederson to represent your company before the government when issues arise. Skilled representation before tax authorities can increase your chances of a more favorable outcome.

To summarize, we help our clients achieve optimal outcomes with:

  • Federal, State and Local Income Tax Planning
  • State, Local, Sales and Use Tax Compliance
  • Client Representation with Federal, State and Local Tax Authorities
  • Development and Implementation of Estate and Financial Plans
  • Employment Tax
  • Depreciation and Amortization Evaluation
  • Tax Research and Consultation

Global Reach For International Tax Compliance & Advisory Services

Doing business internationally adds yet another layer of complexity to your tax preparation, planning and compliance. Your multinational business interests require tax advice that spans the globe. Bederson’s tax professionals are expertly equipped to advise on:

  • Voluntary Disclosure Programs
  • Reporting of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)
  • Foreign and Domestic Trust Reporting
  • US Beneficiary Reporting of Transactions with Foreign Trusts
  • Expat US Tax Compliance
  • Non-resident US Tax Compliance
  • US Compliance and Reporting of Foreign-owned Entities

Your Business is Personal

As a business owner or executive, you have a vested interest in the future of your enterprise—as well as its impact on your family members. Bederson’s tax accounting professionals can help you prepare the best possible estate and financial plans to protect the assets you have worked so hard to develop. We can help you to create a  succession plan, as well, assuring the smooth continuation of your company if and when life changing events occur.

Call Us Before You Need Us         

We’re here for you, as we have been for so many businesses, since 1937. You and your business can rely on the highly skilled  tax professionals at Bederson to navigate your every need in tax planning and preparation so you can run your operation profitably and smoothly, without interruption. We invite you to meet with us and explore how we can help you. Your success is our success. Call us for a consultation at 973-736-3333.