Business Valuation

Bederson’s expertise in performing business valuations along with our reputation for objectivity has earned us the trust of many business owners, courts, attorneys, banks and others. We realize that every business has its own unique circumstances. Whether you are in involved in estate planning, shareholder disputes, divorce proceedings or negotiations, knowing the value of your assets is critical to the decision-making process. Business valuation is not only about valuing companies, it is also about using valuation as a tool for making better business decisions. It is a complex process requiring sophisticated analytic skill and a sound understanding of economic principles. Business valuation should be performed by experienced professionals who are accustomed to dealing with the following issues:

  •  Buy-Sell Agreements
  •  Gift and Estate Taxes
  •  Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  •  Mergers & Acquisitions
  •  Matrimonial Litigation

In addition to our highly trained staff’s experience in these areas, we have earned accreditation as Certified Pubic Accountants as well as Certified Valuation Analysts. Keeping current on ever-changing tax laws, each of our valuation professionals has a keen understanding of the economic trends, specific industry issues and other financial factors that can impact the value of a business.