Today, more than ever, construction and related industries face new and unique challenges. Whether you are a contractor, a subcontractor or an equipment supplier to the construction industry, Bederson can help you navigate those challenges, manage risk and achieve optimal outcomes.

While every business is unique, the construction business is full of ups and downs. The challenges of a cyclical marketplace, a changing regulatory landscape and seasonal business cycle are felt industry-wide. Issues such as extended unpaid receivables, overhead and expenses, as well as cumbersome regulations and time-consuming government filings are among some of the general challenges faced by construction businesses.

Bederson’s experienced construction accountants have a sound understanding of the financial issues facing construction and equipment companies. We have decades of experience solving accounting and bookkeeping issues for companies like yours. Whether you are a general contractor, a subcontractor, an engineering or an architectural firm, a developer, a homebuilder—or even a materials supplier to the construction industry, our professionals are expertly equipped to assist you.


How We Can Help

Our accountants and advisors help keep you well ahead of financial and business challenges—beyond the nuts and bolts.  While you focus on the complex task of securing contracts, managing projects, and delivering quality work, we can keep you on the road to achieving and maintaining stability and profitability with services including:

  • Accounting services specifically tailored to the construction industry
  • Auditing
  • Business Advisory
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax credit advisory
  • Cost certification
  • Claims analysis

Contact our construction accounting professionals to schedule an appointment and discuss your needs in confidence. Call: 973-736-3333